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Datacraft's Computer Aided Business System

CABS Report

Computer Aided Business Systems

Information technology to your business
creates improvements and satisfaction.

Contents of this report:

What is a Computer Aided Business System (CABS)?
How Can CABS assist you in your business?
What are the different types of CABS?
What do I need to have CABS and what can support it?
What are the steps in creating CABS?

Welcome to Computer Aided Business System or CABS.  With CABS, all the things you do now will be easier and faster, and what you've always wanted to do now is possible.

This report introduces you to CABS and gets you up running quickly. it shows you how to make your business in the best of Information Technology, provides you with tips, and points you to some of the possibility that your business needs will be the answer with this kind of software, CABS.

What is a Computer Aided Business System (CABS)?

Computer Aided Business Systems are the key to improve business strategies with the help of Information Technology.  Virtually all large companies has there own CABS to manipulate production or services in a flexible way.

CABS is a software fit to your company’s desires or what we call a customized software. A software is what we use to make the computer work such as Windows 95/98, MS Office, Internet Explorer, but they are limited to general use, meaning it is created for the general public both commercial and non-commercial. On the other hand CABS are much different, it is only set by the standards of the user with the help of the general software, they cannot be use by any business.  It can be edited or improve whenever there are new changes to the system your using. And can create reports to whatever formats you desire.

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How can CABS assists me in my business?

Computer Aided Business System can support your business in different ways:

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What are the different types of CABS?

There are many different types of CABS depending upon your business characteristics but most of them are specified in these types:

Information System or Library System

This system is used mainly to provide information to the user but only assigned person can edit this kind of system. A “Video Renting System” is an example of this, they can find a specific title and let the computer display its information to know if that kind of title is used by another or how many copies does the Video shop has and the like.


Book Titles Or Library
Catalogue Viewer
Yellow Pages
Auditors Records
Product Information
Video Listing
Patients List (Clinic)
Filing System

Sales & Inventory System

Sales & inventory is a very large system, their focus is from how many does the inventory has, to how much does the company sell, the system is even concern on how many products do we need to buy to the supplier. CABS can be set not only by retail industry but even the production industry.


Department Stores
Shopping Malls
Hardware Stores
Book Stores
Printing Press
Appliance Center
Spare Parts
Bakery Store

Time Management System

Businesses that need this kind of systems are companies that acquired their profit through the pass of time.  Pawnshops and Hotel Reservations are some of the examples of this system. 


Computer Rentals
Internet Café
Lending Company
Hotel Booking
Warranty System
Schedule & Appointments

Academic System

They in charge of all inter-school activities like enrollment, student grades & library.  The main objective of this system is on the student performance and its information.  This helps not only the students but also the teachers to make their job much more easier.


School ID System
Attendance System
Enrollment System
Room Requirements
Grading System

Manpower System

This system is all about the company’s manpower performance, it handles the payroll computation of each and every employee of the company and also can handle companies with contractual manpower. In Philippine standard, SSS, Pag-ibig, BIR are all computed automatically by the system, even the leave, over time, etc.


Payroll System
Tax Computation
Contractual System
Service Center
Janitorial Services
Shift Maker

Accounting System

Money is the concern of this kind of system and makes a report in accounting standard. Debit & Credit is the same as input and output in computer term.


Balance Sheet Reports
Debit/Credit System
Accounts Payable/Receivables
Banking System
Cash Flow System
Money Exchange

Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System is a Mix system, consisting of two or more system rolled into one.  This system is the most complicated one but once completed, the computer system can help you manage your company.

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What do I need to have CABS & what can support it?

CABS are very flexible to what the client has to offer and it depends upon the clients objective system but the main requirement is a simple computer.  You can Customize CABS in different kinds of flat forms:

Local Area Network (LAN)

At least all companies has their own Local area network to make use of the connection to one server.  With the help of LAN, CABS can be in a multi-user flat form depending upon the user’s position in the company their working.  For example the administration has the full access to the system while others has the limited information.

Wide Area Network or International Networking (WAN/Internet)

CABS can support internet using the power of e-mail.  Reports supported by CABS can be easily transmitted to the internet even if you are anywhere in the world.  CABS supports HTML or Hypertext Markup Language meaning the system can create webpage to upload report all over the world.

Telephone Network (Telenet/Intranet)

Using the simple but effective telephone we can use CABS even if your away from the main computer all we need is a telephone line and it all set.  CABS can also transmit reports to your home computer to allow user knows its operations.  CABS reports can also be transmitted through Fax if there are no available computers.

Single Multi-user Flat From

In this kind of flat form the user is limited to one computer but CABS are flexible to different user, it can be full access to one user or limited access to another.

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What are the steps in creating CABS?

CABS can be setup in a long or short period of time depending upon the size of the system itself.  These are some steps to be considered in creating CABS:

Existing System Recognition

Before creating CABS it should understand what kind of system does the company have and how does it work in your company.  Possibly from the simple to the worst scenarios the company has encountered or theories to make the CABS more efficient to what the system may face to the future.

Proposed System Designing

By this time CABS should know on what kind of system does your company need, what are the problems on the existing system, and what does CABS will do to your company.  It’s more like a negotiation on what kind of CABS we can offer you.

CABS Creation and Assessment

CABS construction period is depending upon the type of system the company wants.  While the project is ongoing a demo version of CABS is applied to the company for assessment meaning we want to make sure that CABS have no difficulty in the system itself and to give time to adjust for the transformation of your company’s new system.

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