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Do you want to know more about Dhongens? Click here for more information about him and read some aspiring letters from him.

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A Message From Dhongens


Well , What can I say... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! A new website for the new year.  oh I forgot, I also have a new baby boy and it was healthy one, My wife just gave birth Decamber 11, 2001 and its my second child since Danna was born. I have 

change my site for the past few years (as you can see it in my designs, it gets so complicated as time goes by). but I started 6 years ago.  Enjoy my site & I hope this site will be your I.T. tool for life. thanks for visiting.

- Dhongens -


What does Dhongens offer you? 

I have many things in stored in this web site, and I will be willing to help people in their web need. I will continue to search the web for more interesting topics that I will put in this site.  As for now, just a simple tutorials from various books and website that I think you'll need in your pages.  some of these are 
downloadable and the only thing you will do is to copy the specified program down to your html page.  The game here are all online and you can also download it for your own. Just don't forget my banner as a sign of appreciation on what I've done in your life. I also have some images that are ready to be posted. some of these are from my collection since the time I started browsing and some are from the free sites that I've visited many years ago.  I need to know more about you, just go to my Guestbook and give me your feebacks, I really need it at this time.  Thank again.



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