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The Man Behind The Site


Do you want to know more about Dhongens? Click here for more information about him and read some aspiring letters from him.

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Contact Dhongens!

   All in here are information about the developer of this site (none other that Dhongens!) you will know him better here.  All of his favorites, family pictures, experiences, and some links that he came across and needs to be seen.  check these out!. (You are always welcome!)

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Getting to know more about DHONGENS!


Well this is my site, which aims to help fellow individuals in making website and fun stuff. Here you can download stuffs that you can use, from your website, to your mobile phones. In the case of Nokia you can only put these logos and ring tones on your phone using Logo Manager and also buying the phone cable in some cell phone retailers. In the Philippines, cell phones are like viruses that scatter amongst Filipinos (rich or poor). We called it a necessity to have one or in a Filipino term "Talamak". In the case of the web, well, only a few knows how to create websites, some people called it a "professional" to have one.

Well, think again. Here you can use some of the files in your web to make it look good and pleasing to other people. Well me, I work as a Senior Web Developer in one of the Multi-National company in Ortigas Center, to know more about me just click on the "About Me" Section. To tell you honestly this is my first website that has a purpose.

Well my name is Dhon Collera (Col-ye-ra), And I got a loving wife Mhel and a very cute 2 year daughter Danna and a one month old son Dandre,  I'm 27 years of age with a degree on Business Administration Major in Computer Application at De La Salle University - College of St. Benilde. 

I really like the web so much, I always surf everyday and more than 8 hours of air time (you see its my work!). I enjoy creating web sites (for others) and all about computers, from hardware to software. 

I also like to sing (ehem, mike test!) and to play a guitar, actually, I sing in a choral group years ago when I was in High School, but now I only sing in videoke bars here in Manila with my family and friends. I also play modem to modem games with my friends.

Many people enjoy my company, cause I'm very much a humorous person. I always make people laugh both at home and in work (I dunno! maybe I look funny).

This is only an introduction of me, you can see many more links here. I will describe to you all the links inside this section. In the "About Me" Section, you may see all of my favorites and likes (Wow!) and dislikes (Yuck!). In the "Pix Gallery" you can see all of our pictures (If I carried my digital cam with me). The "My Resume" Section, well, you've guessed it! (pretty obvious huh?!). You can contact me in the "Contact Me" section, even if you have'nt got a mail program in your computer (cool huh?). Ah

yes, The "Guestbook" section, Don't forget to leave me your remarks about what I've done here, okay? In the "Project" section, are some of the programs I've done in the past, well it's not working here but you'll get the picture.

These are all my links in the about me section, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I create it. Have fun!!!!


AIM high to the Filipinoes


In the Philippines not many people knows how to handle the web that much, I think 20 percent of the total population of the Philippines knows what Internet is, and that 20 percent, a quarter of it knows how to create websites. I think the problem is in our economic crisis of our country, poverty and even our education. Lack of books because of high prices of it. So many people wants to know more about the web but they don't have that much money.  Even though the Filipinos are the best in the technological know how and work in some countries, still there's a problem specially when working on a

project.  I think the only solution to this problem is to help fellow Filipinos on how to create or understand the wonderful world of the internet. Also, Books are so much expensive and I think an average Filipinos can't afford that.


This is the aim of my site, To help others in understanding this part of Information Technology. If you are thinking just like me you may help us also.  Send your contributions at and I'll Publish it as soon as possible.


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